Gernot Jonathan Sümmermann


& Serial Entrepreneur

My interest lies in forward-looking ideas and resulting innovations, combined with e.g. virtual reality or machine learning. It is especially important to keep the focus on current problems of this world. If solutions are made possible by technology, we should try to implement them through new designs. 

as a Speaker, judge, coach, ...


"Moving the world by innovation" - this is my motto and therefore I am passionate about developing new solutions especially hardware. The focus is on people or our nature.

Cynteract GmbH

CEO & Founder

Cynteract is a Startup that aims to make rehabilitation more entertaining and efficient than other current rehabilitation treatments.

We have designed an intelligent glove with sensors that patients can use as game controllers for games and rehabilitation exercises.


CTO & Founder

The RefresherBoxx is the future of washing:

No chemicals & No water

We have various use cases for medical,

professional and home care applications.


Board & Founder

A stair-climbing wheelchair?
We create a new mobility for people with and without limitations.
Whether our technology is used in a wheelchair, a stroller or a hospital bed is up to the user.

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